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What the Internet Thinks of Autism

My son recently said to me, “The Internet thinks of autism as stupid people. Stupid and autism go hand in hand, on the Internet.” What? I asked him to clarify that statement. And, he did. He said, “When I read things on the Internet about autism, it seems like autism is called things like stupid.…

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The Types of Fever in Children

Fevers in children can be frightening for their parents. In fact, the leading cause of emergency room visits for children is a fever, according to eMedicinehealth. In most cases, fevers caused by a minor infection, but some types of fevers in children are more serious and can be a cause for concern.

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Hair Loss After a Miscarriage

Miscarriages are difficult enough to endure without having to worry about hair loss as well. It is not uncommon to lose hair after a miscarriage, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Hormone levels in the body rise during pregnancy. The higher levels of estrogen in your body slow the normal loss of hair. This results in thicker, more luxurious hair. Once hormone levels return to normal, such as after a miscarriage, the hair that was “on hold” suddenly falls out, returning your hair thickness to normal levels.

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Oily Hair in Children

Like acne and dandruff, oily hair is a problem that most moms don’t expect for their children to have to deal with before their teenage years. So when you notice your child’s once-shiny hair is taking a turn for the greasy, it’s a relief to know that oily hair in children is perfectly normal and simple to treat.