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Jenna Elfman Talks Nursing Troubles

Sometimes, a busy mom has to resort to pumping. Jenna Elfman, 39, admits that this posed quite a problem once she tried to reintroduce nursing to her 9-month-old son Easton. I was doing a lot of filming, so he was getting a lot of breastmilk from bottles, the actress reveals to Best for Babes. When he was 3 or 4 months old, he went through a finicky phase where he didnt want to nurse.

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Mastering Family Dynamics: 14 Ways to Make Your Family Holiday Stress-Free

Discover expert tips and strategies for navigating the complexities of family dynamics during holiday gatherings. Learn how to communicate effectively, set realistic expectations, and practice self-care to ensure a harmonious and stress-free celebration.

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Toddlers With Chronic Diarrhea

It’s always frustrating when your child is suffering from diarrhea, but especially so when the diarrhea just won’t seem to go away. Chronic diarrhea isn’t caused by the same things that cause acute, or short-term, diarrhea, and the symptoms of the two differ. If you suspect your child is suffering from a condition that may be causing chronic diarrhea, make an appointment to speak to her pediatrician as soon as possible.