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Ancient Baby Names for Girls

Set your newborn baby girl apart from the Kristens, Megans and Emmas of the world by choosing a name for her from antiquity. If you are fond of ancient Greek mythology, name your daughter after one of the Greek goddesses. If Indian culture appeals to you, choose a name from Sanskrit. You can also choose a name from the Old or New Testament, or an ancient Celtic name.

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When Your Kids Ask If You Ever Tried Drugs…

Now that I have three teenagers, illegal drugs seem everywhere. Philip Seymour Hoffmans fatal heroin overdose. Meth production glamorized on television. The heroin epidemic in New England where the kids favorite aunt lives.Its not my imagination: Oprah even chose the subject for the premiere of OprahPrime last Sunday night.It doesn’t help that marijuana is becoming less and less illegal every day. And closer to home, literally. A few days ago …

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May Astrology

Our galactic vessel has landed on the rocky shores of May 2013, and its strange territory indeed. Oh you may ask, what happened to those nice Druid Beltane and May Day festivals? This fracas of Saturn and Mars will start off the early days of this month with a clash of symbols, i.e. the impulsive son, whose restrictive and disciplinarian dad is taking him to task.

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February Astrology

The early February planetary lineup in Aquarius, along with a Libra moon and Jupiter in Gemini, makes for a lot of air which inclines towards verbosity – but of course with many innovative and original ideas bandied about, so typical of Aquarius. This preponderance of refined air, the label attached to Aquarius, IS technologys true Homeland.