5 mins read

Mom’s Guide to Online Espionage

The Wall Street Journal (which, refreshingly for a biz publication, frequently captures the wacky dynamics of modern motherhood) ran a piece last Wednesday chronicling all the ways kids try to outsmart their moms and get onto Facebook and other social media sites that parents have forbidden. I read the article in our kitchen via old-school newsprint while my three kids hovered around me immersed in our familys iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

6 mins read

How to Dress for Work

When it comes to dressing for work, every impression counts. A Careerbuilder survey suggests that a book is indeed judged by its cover, when it comes to professional attire. How you choose to dress for work plays a significant role in your landing a job, being noticed, getting promoted and achieving professional success. Your clothes and the way you dress reflect your attitude toward your job. In many workplaces and industries, you have to pay attention to the way you look and present yourself, in order for your work to be taken seriously. This article offers tips on dressing for work.