6 mins read

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

In this day and age, a happy marriage seems harder to come by than a four leaf clover. In fact, considering the divorce rate is at 50 percent and the reality that there are plenty of unsatisfied couples out there, a happy marriage sometimes seems like an unattainable ideal. But, we know that while the stats seem scary, there are plenty of couples out there who are truly making it work. Theyre in satisfying, loving, committed and successful marriages. So, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook Friends, whats your secret to a happy marriage?

3 mins read

Feminism Isn’t Just For Little Girls

Feminism. It’s that other f-word. It’s hard to define, carries a distinct connotation, and quickly divides people. Our culture has a very clear concept of what feminism is and whom feminism serves. Usually, when a woman classifies herself as a feminist, she’s thought of as prizing femininity and despising masculinity. She’s a fierce competitor to…