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Unlocking Potential: The Value of Under-the-Radar Academic Programs for High School Students

In the dynamic landscape of high school education, specific programs are hidden gems that offer students unique opportunities to develop critical skills and stand out in the college admissions process. Let’s explore some noteworthy academic programs that often don’t get the attention they deserve.    The AP Capstone Diploma: A Jewel in Advanced Placement’s (AP’s)…

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Fall is the New Spring

We’re one month into autumn. School and work and life schedules have reverted to some sort of “normal” structure. Sweaters and suits have come out of closets to replace bikinis and sunglasses. Leaves are changing from green to red, gold, and brown, or, depending on where you are, have already begun to fall. There’s a…

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Keeping Valentine’s Day Simple and Sweet

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a contrived holiday, kids seem to love it. And with six kids in my family, it has traditionally been a very busy holiday in my household. It’s a huge undertaking to oversee the completion of Valentine’s cards for all the school friends, neighborhood kids,…

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8 Signs Your Loved One Needs Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a hidden problem among many individuals in the society. The best thing about it is that it demonstrates itself through some apparent symptoms. Addicts sometimes find it difficult to admit that they are suffering from drug addiction and that’s where you come in. If you are suspecting that your loved one needs…

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Could Your Weight Loss Resolve Have Unintended Consequences?

Could your New Year’s resolution have unintended consequences for your kids? As millions of Americans resolve to lose weight in 2012, parents need to be aware that their new diet and fitness regimens could have a potentially negative outcome – triggering eating disorders or body image issues in their children.