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Life Lessons from The King’s Speech and Beyond

With the big win of The King’s Speech at the Academy Awards Sunday night comes an invitation to discuss a most basic premise of the Soul to Soul Perspective–wisdom can be found everywhere–everyday life is our best and most profound teacher. The books, movies, articles, songs, confrontations, illnesses, and even laundry create the tapestry of a sacred life.

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Parenting: The Mirror to Your Soul

Ive found nothing more challenging, nothing more rewarding, and nothing more enlightening than being a parent. Parenting has it all. As a father, Ive witnessed the miracle of birth, waking up in the middle of the night to walk around and soothe a screaming child, and received some the best Fathers Day cards ever. The one thing Ive learned, more than anything else, is that my child is an amazing mirror. His authentic, no holds barred voice in my life has brought me great struggle and great insight. My relationship with Elliot has all the qualities of a partnership that can expose me to unforeseen lows as well as push me to new heights.

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Organizing Your Life for Homeownership

Congratulations! Youve finally found the one. Tall, dark, handsomeno, wait a minute. This one is more of the white picket fence and center hall variety a house and its yours! No more virtual tours, open houses, and calls from your realtor proclaiming Ive found it! You have now joined the ranks of proud homeowners across the country. Pop the cork, cross the threshold, and take a seat on your new couch. You might need a seat when the excitement wears off and you realize that this is (gulp) the biggest purchase you have ever made. But dont panic yet. With a little preparation and guidance you can navigate the world of the new homeowner with your sanity and your savings intact.

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What Is the Meaning of Time & Materials Estimates in Construction Bids?

When the time comes to jazz up the kitchen with a new look or do solar and energy conservation installations, the homeowner who understands bid language is better equipped to choose a contractor. For instance, when comparing the time charges on competing bids, the difference between the higher- and lower-priced bids might be the inclusion of time for extra items that could make the lower bid more expensive by the time the job is done. If there is anything about any element of a bid that you don’t understand, you should always ask about it. You are entitled to understand everything in a contract before you sign it.