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Unique Baby Shower Themes

While baby showers are generally all alike in purpose, not all of these life-celebrating events center around the same theme. When planning your next baby shower, consider adopting a unique theme. By doing so, you can separate your celebration from the rest and make the gathering more uncommonly reflective of the mother and child for whom the event was planned to honor.

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Unique Gifts for New Parents

New parents are often inundated with practical gifts: baby clothes, diapers, bottles. Although these gifts help ease a new family’s financial burden, they do not bring the same joy that unique gifts can produce. Unique gifts tell the recipient that you spent a lot of time thinking about the present. They also ensure that your friends will not be stuck with five diaper cakes and countless yellow onesies.

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10 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him

Creating a unique birthday for a man can be difficult. Guys tend to have a firm idea of what they want and need. The problem is, they may not share these ideas with people responsible for planning gifts or parties for their birthday. This is where some thought and research come into play. Use these ideas to create a birthday the man in your life will love.

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Unique Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

When creating a distinctive bedroom for your child, allow him to participate in the planning, as well as some of the decorating projects. Children’s decor has come a long way since the days of pink and blue, or princesses and cowboys. You have a rainbow of options, from designer styles to do-it-yourself flea market chic. Whatever style you choose, remember to add the finishing touches and personalize the room with photographs, artwork, trophies, projects, growth charts and name plates featuring your child.