2 mins read

Keeping Our Schools Safe

As we mark the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, it’s a critical time to examine how schools have evolved in implementing security upgrades. Parents often wonder if their school is doing everything it can to keep their children safe. The school office can often feel like Grand Central Station at times, with a revolving door…

7 mins read

Make Your Profile Standout on LinkedIn

Now that year-end crunch time is over, you may be cashing in your holiday bonus check and checking out new employment opportunities. Many employers use social media to recruit new employees, mostly through LinkedIn. Translation: create a great Linkedin profile, and fast! An effective LinkedIn profile allows you to present yourself in a multi-dimensional way…

1 min read

Gak is Back! and More Modern-Day Versions of Familiar Favorites

“There is no such thing as old, only retro.” If you think about all of the products that you loved as a kid that are still kicking around, this design philosophy seems to ring true. The toys, fashions, and snacks of our youths would be pretty dusty and outdated by now if they remained unchanged… but time marches on, and we’re seeing some considerable upgrades on familiar favorites.