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How to Sanitize a Couch

Between your kids, their friends and pets, it’s a wonder that your couch is even still standing. Although you can do your best to keep it clean, everyday living leaves it exposed to dirt, pet accidents, spilled drinks and even those mysterious stains that you don’t even want to try and guess. When you know…

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How Do I Clean a Room to Be Allergy-Free?

Aside from pollen, trees and grasses outdoors, you also come in contact with dust and dander indoors. All of these can cause signature allergy symptoms — runny nose, sinus pressure, watery and itchy eyes, earache, hives and breathing difficulties. Cleaning a room to be allergen-free can help alleviate some of your allergy woes. Armed with a vacuum and steam cleaner, a once-a-month deep cleaning can help control your indoor symptoms.

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Sinus Allergies

Allergies can affect various body systems, including the insides of your nostrils and sinuses. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic response that occurs when the mucous membranes in your sinuses overrespond to certain particles. While some individuals experience seasonal allergies that occur in response to specific types of pollens and molds, other allergy sufferers have symptoms year-round.