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How to Maintain Your Social Life After Divorce

One of the most common challenges in divorce can be the loss of one’s social network. Some friends and family are supportive, others have the best intentions (yet are unhelpful), and many seem to simply vanish from one’s life. The loss of friends and family during this transition can add to the stress already being experienced. Many find the necessity to reach out and make new friends yet find the task daunting. Here are some helpful tips on how develop new friendships during separation, divorce and beyond:

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Tips to Maintain a Toned Body During Pregnancy

Being pregnant does not give you license to stop working out or watching what you eat. In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists highly recommends getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Maintaining a toned body through exercise and diet during pregnancy helps to keep it limber, ensures appropriate weight gain and prepares it for labor and delivery. Furthermore, staying fit can reduce general body aches and relieve stress.

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Did you do it? Did You Maintain Your Weight?

Well, did you do it? Are you up 2 lbs up, 5 lbs up, or did your weight stay the same between Thanksgiving and today? We all grant ourselves some license to indulge during the holidays- I certainly do for myself – then usually we try to get back on track sometime in the second week of January. Lets try getting back on track this week instead. Starting small with manageble changes is the most effective way to get back into any habit.

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Home-Work: Get Your Home Maintenance Buttoned Up

When youre working, wrangling the kids, and generally living a full life, its easy to let taking care of your home fall to the bottom of the priority list. But you need to stay on top of your maintenance chores if you want to keep your home and all the good things in it functioning smoothly. As fall approaches, its time to start thinking about a top to bottom inspection to check for any damage and prepare for the upcoming cold, winter months.

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What Are the Five Domains of Development in a Pregnancy?

The five domains of development in a pregnancy are fertilization, cleavage, blastocyst, implantation and fetal stages. These domains are collectively referred to as the period of prenatal development, which is the process in which the fetus or embryo gestates during pregnancy, starting from fertilization up until the time of birth. Careful observations performed through a series of prenatal check-ups during each stage are important to assess the baby’s overall health and normal development.