8 mins read

What is Your Money Type?

Do you know your money type? Knowing this simple piece of information is the first, HUGE step in your financial healing. Why? It will help you: To better understand your current relationship with money. To illuminate which financial habits are and are not working for you. To point yourself squarely in the direction of healing. The Nurturer, Warrior Princess, Martyr, Oppressor, MaterialGirl, Under-Spender, Creative Spirit, Timid, Clueless, and Alchemist. (Its perfectly normal to …

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The Rift Between Parents and Childfree Adults

Not too long ago a client picked up a copy of my book, Complete Without Kids: An Insiders Guide to Childfree Living by Choice or by Chance, at the local bookstore. I saw her a couple of weeks later, and she shared with dismay that her teenage son had confiscated the book and was enjoying reading it. She added that she hoped he wouldnt get any ideas from the book, because she is so much looking forward to being a grandmother. I didnt really know how to respond to her comments.