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Kids’ Park Activities

A trip to the park is always a top favorite of kids, and an hour or two of playground activity will typically give the parents a breather while allowing the kids to burn off energy. While energetic playtime will build your kids’ social and physical skills, a park is also an ideal place for unstructured teaching. By allowing your kids to explore and question what they see in a park, you can teach them about the world around them in a safe, secure environment. When you return home, you can look up more information and expand on the wonders you found hiding at the park.

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Summer Eye Shadow Colors

There are different shades available to choose from for different skin tones when it comes to makeup. One major area to address with color makeup is the eye. During the summer, the color choices are brighter than the other seasons, as fashion and beauty take their cues from Mother Nature. Similar to a bouquet of fresh flowers with vibrant and bright colors, eye shadow colors for the summer can add confidence to your overall look.