8 mins read

“We Need To Talk About Your Son”

I have a No Eggshells policy with my closest friends. We dont tiptoe around issues or sweep things under the proverbial rug. When theres an issue, we address it. When theres conflict, we resolve.The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of frankness, which from my experience, is one mark of an authentic friendship. I need someone with whom I can be myself – who can laugh with me til …

4 mins read

15 Reasons NOT to Buy Organic

We may all set out to buy only organic food, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible (too expensive, unavailable at your local store, etc). Well, good news. Certain fruits and veggies were dubbed the Clean 15 by the Environmental Working Group–15 foods you can stop adding to your organic grocery list if you need to.