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6 Spring Resolutions to Help You Refresh and Renew Your Life

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” – Robin Williams With winter winds still howling and the seasons holidays now over, its not uncommon to experience a touch of the winter blues. Like many of us, you may feel like you are coming out of hibernation, a little sluggish and sleepy-eyed, wondering how to get into the swing of things when mostly what you want is a long nap.

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Back To School Must-Haves

You can almost hear the tears of kids everywhere this time of year because of the inevitable BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Some parents are secretly jumping for joy to get their kids back on a routine, while some are dreading the early morning chaos and afternoon homework struggles. But I do think one thing is common for most…

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To Ink or Not To Ink

We all know about the male, mid-life clichs. A guy hits forty, or fifty, and suddenly, he needs to prove to the world that hes still young. So he runs out and buys a sports car, or a motorcycle; he grows a ponytail; he finds himself a hot, young wife. But interestingly, women dont seem to have their own mid-life clich counterparts.