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Why Our Daughters Need To Play More Video Games

Girls today are steering away from math, science and computers in record numbers.According to the U.S. Department of Education, the percentage of women graduates in computer science is at a 39-year low. In 2012, women in the U.S. earned only 19% of all math and computer science degrees (compared to 37% 20 years ago) and made up less than 25% of the workers in engineering and computer-related fields. Fewer than 10 percent …

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Why Video Games Can Be Good For Kids

If you were like my family this holiday season, you probably purchased some type of video gaming system – which means now is a great opportunity to start a dialogue on video games. Parents often wonder Will my child play too much? Are video games really bad for my kid? With this is mind, here are my experiences and guidelines on some genres of video games.

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Parental Control: Video Game Systems

Now that my kids are going on play dates, my oldest seems to be requesting the Wii and the game Skylander at home. So far, weve been able to avoid console games. However, I suspect this might change shortly. Parents often tell me that their child plays a console game system too much or that it is a source of tension in the household. Is there a silver bullet as to how much console time your child should get?