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Celebrating Our Strength – “Thank You, Mom”

This post is in partnership with P&G Thank You Moms. Being a mom is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding roles a woman could have. One of the most difficult aspects is being strong for our kids in the face of adversity and, especially, in situations beyond our control. We are the role…

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We’ll Always Have Dork Fest

Moms need chill time, time alone with other moms to recap, reflect and rejuvenate.  Whenever I hear the old adage “Happy wife, happy life”, I envision Ren & Stimpy dancing around singing “happy happy joy joy”.  In my version, however, Ren is a 42 year old mother of two and Stimpy,, her bestie, a mom of three.  Together, they dance around, pinot grigio flying out of their glasses as they plan their weekend getaway from their …

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Dee Dee Ricks: My Battle with Breast Cancer

Ill never forget the moment I heard, You have cancer. My only thought was Oh my God… my sons are two and five. They will never remember me if I die. I began filming special moments with the boys, such as reading to them, going to the park anything so that they would have these moments if I died.

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Won’t Back Down

Are schools in America getting the job done? All the reports of bullying, poor teachers and how the government is ruining the school systems by linking performance to funding are enough to worry any parent.

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Choosing the Right Birth Facility

As an expectant mother, you probably daydream about the moment you will actually meet your baby for the first time. What he or she will look like? How will it feel to hold that tiny miracle in your arms for the first time?