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SMILING IT FORWARD™ through Doctors Visits

This is a guest post written by Priscilla over at It's Peachy Keen. The following post is sponsored by TYLENOL®. Do you remember taking your baby to the doctor for the first time? I clearly remember taking my first baby to the doctor knowing she had to get a shot. It broke my heart to…

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First Doctor Visit During Pregnancy

Nothing provokes feelings of simultaneous joy and anxiety quite like seeing those two pink lines on a home pregnancy test. From the moment you discover you’re pregnant, your responsibilities as a parent begin. To set you on the road to a healthy pregnancy, one of your initial priorities is scheduling your first doctor visit. This visit is typically the longest, so set aside ample time for you and your partner to meet with your health-care provider.

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How to Nip Sibling Battles in the Bud

The following guest post is from Dr. Laura Nathanson Siblings are supposed to fight. Aren't they? Isn't that why Nature gave us backseats in cars? That's how it seems in the media. It's a running joke. In real life, many parents really want their children to get along together, but are quick to add that…