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Autism and the New School Year

I waited a bit before reporting on my child’s new school year. What happened last year? Last year was my son’s freshman year. It was the first time he had gone to school without an aide. He was fourteen when he began school (he turned fifteen in February). Within two months, he changed his “look.”…

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How Much Weight Should a Baby Gain?

The tiny newborn you hold in your arms will grow an impressive amount her first year of life. According to Nemours Foundation, most babies triple their birth weight and grow in length by around 50 percent. Healthy babies enter the world in a variety of weights and sizes. Medical experts offer guidelines on how much weight your baby should gain.

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An Update on the IEP Procedure

This blog is a follow-up to an earlier blog (from this year) that discussed signing your IEP document. The IEP meeting (one which determines the Individualized Educational Program for a child with a disability) can be a long and exhausting meeting. In this blog, Iʼm not going to go into the meeting itself, but instead…

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Simple Ideas to Organize Travel Plans

Travel can be many things. It can be an obligatory visit to your relatives home for the holidays. It can be a quick one-night getaway to the city to see a show and do some shopping. Or, it can be a week-long toes-in-the-sand vacation where you escape from everything just for a little bit. Whether youre packing the car or boarding the plane, travel planning requires some dotting of is and crossing of ts. Youll never be able to control the long line at airport security, but if you follow some general guidelines, you will be able to shape your next trip. Here are ten tips for trouble-free travel: