6 mins read

Revisiting the autism vaccine debate

I do not believe that vaccines are the sole cause of autism. Have vaccines ever been the cause of autism? Possibly. Even though many studies have shown there is no link between vaccines and autism, if vaccines were the cause of an ASD (autism spectrum disorder), I believe those cases are very rare. Now, back…

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Decorating & Furniture Tips for the Bedroom

Bedrooms don’t receive as much traffic as the living room or kitchen, but the decor of your bedroom sets the mood, whether you want a relaxing, spa-like retreat or a funky, modern room. Whether you’re decorating a small guest bedroom or an expansive master suite, you will find plenty of ways to infuse your own personality and decorating style into the decor.

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Listen Up Pile or File People — It’s Time to Get Organized!

Pick up the latest copy of a hot home magazine and youll find glossy photos capturing sleek images of perfect homes and offices. Its so alluring, but honestly, where is all of the stuff? Do these people live real lives? The short answer is no. Even if youve gone paperless and now read your news online and receive your bills electronically, paper clutter is still never going away. There are just some documents that you need to have around. So, first remember that its ok to have some stuff and then figure out if you are a file or a pile person. Do you like everything tucked away or do you prefer to have stacks at the ready? Whether you are a color-coded file person or a towering pile of papers person, we have some tips to keep it all under control.