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Revisiting Autism and Gaming

My son played in his first gaming tournament on Saturday. What was the experience like? On the one hand, I was rooting for him and wanted him to do well. He’s new at this type of competition. He loves playing the game and wants to compete. But, he’s going up against very experienced, world class…

6 mins read

Revisiting the autism vaccine debate

I do not believe that vaccines are the sole cause of autism. Have vaccines ever been the cause of autism? Possibly. Even though many studies have shown there is no link between vaccines and autism, if vaccines were the cause of an ASD (autism spectrum disorder), I believe those cases are very rare. Now, back…

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Driving This Thanksgiving? Here are AAA’s Tips to Avoid the Traffic Jam

Plan your Thanksgiving road trip wisely to avoid traffic hassles and ensure a stress-free holiday. Get insights from AAA’s Thanksgiving travel forecast and expert tips for a smooth journey.