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Behold The Magic of The Six M’s

The following is a guest post by Jeff Lantos, a 5th grade teacher at Marquez Elementary School. This week my fellow teachers and I will greet our new students and begin implementing the lessons we’ve outlined in our plan-books.  Most of these lessons will focus on math and language arts.  In fact, most mornings will…

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The 4th Grade Transition

My child is entering 4th grade, what should I expect? 4th grade is a big transition for all kids. Its a move from lower grade to upper grade. There is more independent study and, at least at my childs school, there is no more afternoon recess. There is only one morning recess plus lunch. 4th grade is a big deal. What about special needs kids?

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Ideas For Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorations

If youre going to go through all the hard work of making a fantastic Thanksgiving feast for everyone, you don’t want a bland table setting to take any attention away from your delicious dinner! Luckily, decorating your table for Thanksgiving is as easy as adding a centerpiece. While some people might eschew these choices for something a little more outlandish, we still believe that during Thanksgiving, traditional is the only way. Here are our favorite table toppers. Don’t be afraid to modify them to give them your personal touch.