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Estrogen and Pregnancy

Estrogen hormones are most associated with women, although men produce estrogen also. Still, the most vital role estrogen hormones play is during a pregnancy. These hormones are extremely important for the proper development of a fetus. In fact, low estrogen levels can play a factor in infertility and miscarriages, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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Transforming Lives: The Inspiring Story of Bithiah’s Family Services

  Bithiah’s Family Services, a charity dedicated to the aid of those in foster care and their needs. As the holiday season is here, it’s natural to reflect on all which we are thankful for. For many of us, this includes family, friends, and the comfort of a stable home. However, this is not the…

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I Am Just A Mom

I think it was when my oldest started school, that my old identity was replaced with a new one. I was no longer Errin, the girl who knew how to have fun, the funny one, the free spirit. I was now Ayden's Mom. Yep, just Ayden's Mom. Instead of being known for my adventurous side,…

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Why Low Fat Diets Don’t Work

Have you ever been around a pre-menopausal woman on a low fat diet? WATCH OUT! Not only will she be on edge from hunger, but her hormones will be totally out of whack! In addition she will most likely overeat carbs due to her hunger, which will in turn spike insulin production and lead to excessive weigh gain. Angry, overweight, and hormonal is no way to go through life! Seriously – woman need fat to be healthy.