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Sustainable Fashion: Interview With LISSA the shop Founder

Glamorous to many, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Not just because of the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides to treat textile crops, or the toxic coloring methods that eventually runs off into rivers, but because the fast-fashion industry promotes disposable fashion, cheap clothing that ends up in a landfill sooner rather than later.

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Famous and Fabulous: Five Iconic Wedding Dresses

Do you remember Princess Diana’s gown? How about the most recent royal bride, Kate Middleton? Or the fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘Big’ wedding day outfit? It’s no secret that high-profile weddings are characterized by high-profile dresses. These gowns take months to design and come with quite the price tag, but there’s no denying that the end result is something priceless. Here are some of the most famous and iconic wedding dresses: Kate Middleton

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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

To look at the pages of “Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan,” you would think that women over the age of 60 do not exist. The fact is, many women over 60 love fashion, and they have options beyond muumuus and elastic waist pants. Whether you work or are retired, you can locate and create ensembles that flatter your body type, suit your lifestyle and express your unique sense of style.