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Soaking Feet in Epsom Salts

Nothing feels better than giving your feet a break after a long day and soaking your feet in Epsom salt has many health benefits. Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate. When absorbed through the skin, magnesium sulfate draws toxins out of the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles. In addition to soothing sore and achy feet, Epsom salt can reduce foot inflammation, remove foot odors and soften rough skin on your feet. In fact, if you are having trouble removing a splinter from your foot, an Epsom salt foot soak can be effective in drawing it out.

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Epsom Salt Bath Recipe

People have been using Epsom as a bath soak for hundreds of years. It is used to treat dry and damaged skin and to sooth tired or swollen muscles. The Mayo Clinic recommends using Epsom salts in baths to treat psoriasis and swimmer’s itch, as well. Making an Epsom salt bath takes only a few minutes and can be mixed with other ingredients for an extra soothing bath.

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Swollen Tonsils in Kids

Common childhood illnesses often affect the throat, causing the tonsils to swell and redden. Viruses and bacteria can make your child’s tonsils swell, as well as increase his risk of developing other symptoms. While swollen tonsils can cause discomfort, certain practices can help ease the pain. Depending on the extent of his symptoms, your child may need to see his pediatrician.