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Buy the Warranty!

I always scoffed whenever big electronics stores would ask me if I wanted the extended warranty. Extended warranty? You mean profit for you that I will never be able to take advantage of because if I ever have an issue it certainly wont fit within the guidelines of warranty coverage right? Yeah that one. Right.

9 mins read

Four Money Traps Every Mom Should Know

The last thing I expected as I headed up the freeway from San Diego to Los Angeles was a money trap. Traffic? Yes. Frustration and delays? Naturally. But a money trap? Never. Halfway there I had a choice: jump on a wide-open toll road or sit in a sea of traffic only to arrive at my appointment sweaty and swearing. It was an easy but costly decision: my $6.50 toll quickly turned into a …

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Pros & Cons of Medical Alert

A medical alert system is designed to give seniors and those with disabilities an outside contact in case of emergency, allowing them to gain or maintain independence without causing undue worry to their loved ones. If you’re considering a medical alert for yourself or a family member, consider all the angles for and against the various brands before making your purchase.