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Best Of Fall Television Reviews And Recaps

Summer vacations over. The kids are back in school and need you to drive em around to their various and sundry activities which wind up sucking up a ton of your familys free weekend time. So what about you? Dont you get to start off fresh and with a chance to get excited about something new, even if youre not the one whos getting a new lunchbox, magic markers which smell like fruit (and havent yet run dry) and back-to-school clothes?

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Can a Television Break Up a Couple?!

I loathe having a television in our bedroom. I don’t like to watch TV before falling asleep. I like to read. My bed partner, however, loves watching TV before bed and claims that he can’t fall asleep without it. That’s a hot steamy pile of turd, because on the few times when he didn’t watch TV, and instead read, he was out like a light in less than 10 minutes.

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Do You Know What Your Kid is Watching?

Its the beginning of summer and your kids will be playing outside, going to summer camp, swimming, and now that they have a break from schoolwork, watching TV. There will certainly be times when you are not around to monitor the content on the screen. TV Watch, a national group promoting parental controls, helps you take control of what your family watches. There are a variety of tools to help parents manage what their children see on TV, including the TV rating system, on-air advisories and warnings, the v-chip in your television and parental controls on cable and satellite. Here are some tips for parents on monitoring what your kids watch.

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Television is Making Your Kids Have Sex. Seriously.

Did you watch Glee last night? I did, and was sadly not surprised at one of the main themes flowing through the entire episode: SEX. Last night’s whole show was a tribute to Madonna, and one of the key songs of the episode, a cover of “Like a Virgin”, was belted out during a montage featuring three people (two of them in the high school glee club) being “touched for the very first time”…if you know what I mean.