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Shaving vs Waxing

If the skin is exposed, silky, soft and smooth skin is a must-have. While there are a few different ways to remove unwanted hair, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each before deciding which hair removal method is right for you. Some hair removal methods are time and labor intensive but don’t require frequent treatments, while others are quick and easy but require you to keep up removing the hair almost daily. Shaving and waxing are two popular types of hair removal and there are benefits and disadvantages to each.

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How To Make Sugar Cookies

The BASIC Sugar Cookie recipe is great year round for every occasion. You can use it to make cut-out cookies (with cookie cutters), dye the dough any color to suite your occasion, make a cookie log to freeze for later or give as a gift, or just sprinkle some sugar on top, bake and eat. This dough is very versatile so get your big THREE (butter, sugar, flour) and lets get going.

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Traditional Easter Recipes: Italian Ricotta Pie

Finally the beautiful weather makes an appearance, the clocks are set ahead and the days are getting longer. Just one glimpse of the purple crocus peeking through the ground can set off an hour of conversation between us about what flowers we will be planting, what colors we should choose, and the yearly banter about who plants the parsley and who plants the basil. Heaven forbid if we both plant the parsley! Important Questions