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Baby Shower Decor DIY: Coffee Filter Garland

With a baby on the way, you’re probably looking to save a little money, so you don’t want to spend your entire diaper budget on decorations for the baby shower. Don’t fret! Jessie Jane, founder of Lilyshop, shared this simple and inexpensive way to make any baby shower look great. This project won’t put you in the red, and your guests will love it!

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Ways to Wear Bandanas in Your Hair

Bandanas are versatile hair pieces that can bring practicality or style to your look, depending on your needs and usage. If you need a quick, no-fuss update to your outfit, if you need to keep your hair out of your face or if you just haven’t showered today and need a quick way to hide the grime, bandanas can bring color and fashion to your head.

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Unique Baby Shower Themes

While baby showers are generally all alike in purpose, not all of these life-celebrating events center around the same theme. When planning your next baby shower, consider adopting a unique theme. By doing so, you can separate your celebration from the rest and make the gathering more uncommonly reflective of the mother and child for whom the event was planned to honor.

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Baby Shower Guide: Then and Now…

Betting on the babys weight, weird baby shower games, favors shaped like diapers. From a rocker glider ottoman set for the nursery to a luxury spa treatment for the mom-to-be, a baby shower is the most common way for family and friends to pamper expecting parents. But did you even wonder how baby showers came to be? This guide will take you on a journey through one of societys most common celebrations: