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Will Google allow Porn Apps on Google Glass?

If you haven’t heard, Google Glass is a wearable computer with a glasses-mounted display. Glass displays information in a smartphone-type, hands-free format allowing users to interact with the Internet using natural language commands. Glass will run on Android 4.0.4 and higher. It can send and receive data, so apps can be interactive.

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Fun Ideas for Family Game Night

This week, instead of just watching TV or mindlessly browsing on your laptop, why not try something new that the whole family can do together? Board games are great way to get everyone involved. Even moody teenagers will eventually have a good time once they get into the game! In my family, we used to have poker nights and gamble vast quantities of pennies. The winner would walk away with pride and about $5. But if gambling isn’t in the cards for your family, here are a few super-fun games to try out:

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ABCs of Money: Teach Your Kids Fiscal Responsibility

Like us on Facebook – The Krazy Coupon Ladyor follow us on Twitter -@KrazyCouponLady Parents wonder, how do I raise a financially responsible child? When do I begin teaching my child about money? Where is the balance between starved and spoiled? How young is too young for a child to begin earning money of their own? How do I teach my child to manage money? Remember, teaching your child about money is a process, not an event. Here are the best ways to teach your child, of any age, how to respect and manage money.

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Advice for Men Going Through a Divorce

Divorce isn’t easy for women or men. If you are dating a man who is going through a divorce, you can suffer right along with him. You might be able to help him if you understand some of what he is experiencing and by possibly giving him some advice. This can help him out and might smooth your relationship, too. Similarly, if you have a male friend who is going through a divorce, he might welcome some friendly advice.