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What Wedding Season Means For Parents

Oh, April. The blooming trees. The pretty flowers. The longer, sunnier days.And the start of the wedding season.For parents, other peoples weddings bring unique stresses. The flawless embossed invitation arrives. A work of art, complete with your calligraphied name and address decorating the envelope like twining ivy, topped by a carefully love-themed stamp. A creation that the bride and groom clearly put more time, effort, creativity and cash into than a kitchen …

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Jodi Sweetin’s Secret Wedding

Surprise – Jodi Sweetin has been married for the past year! The actress best known for her role as little Stephanie Tanner on the hit sitcom “Full House,” shared the news that she secretly tied the knot with fiance Morty Coyle last March. “We had wanted to keep it quiet and intimate for a while, but felt that on our first wedding anniversary, it was time to share!” Sweetin told PEOPLE.