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Famous and Fabulous: Five Iconic Wedding Dresses

Do you remember Princess Diana’s gown? How about the most recent royal bride, Kate Middleton? Or the fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘Big’ wedding day outfit? It’s no secret that high-profile weddings are characterized by high-profile dresses. These gowns take months to design and come with quite the price tag, but there’s no denying that the end result is something priceless. Here are some of the most famous and iconic wedding dresses: Kate Middleton

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Tulle Wedding Dresses

Fantasies of happily ever after and fairy-tale princesses bring to mind lush and full tulle wedding dresses. Tulle is a sheer, breathable mesh fabric with a hexagonal pattern. It can be made from various fibers and can be quite stiff or somewhat soft.Tulle wedding dresses can look classic, retro or modern, depending upon their style and silhouette. Consider your figure, your wedding style, and the look you want when deciding whether a tulle dress is right for your special day.

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Got Daughters? Start Saving for a Wedding Now!

The invitations are in the mail for the Royal Wedding. No, I am not checking my mailbox everyday in hopes that I get one. After all, I need to be realistic- I did just move and some people still dont have my new address. But it has got me thinking about what it is going to be like trying to put on weddings for my four daughters.

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What Colors to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are quite popular, both indoors and outdoors. Choosing a dress or outfit that suits the wedding requires knowing the formality of the wedding, the overall feel, and even the wedding venue. You will also need to pick the right color to wear to a summer wedding. Colors for summer weddings should not stand out too much, should suit the season and be flattering. Ideally, the colors you wear to a summer wedding will be colors you love and work for the wedding.