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40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Forty years together takes love. Respect. Patience. And a little bit of stubbornness. When your 40th anniversary approaches, the challenge can be finding a special idea to celebrate that love (and that stubbornness). The writer Mignon McLaughlin once said: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” So 40 years of marriage means 40 years of falling in love. It’s fitting then, that the traditional 40th anniversary gift involves rubies, which are the color of love.

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Heidi + Sons' Trolley Adventure, Y+R Star Wecomes #3, Paris + Nicole's Double Wedding?

Heidi Klum is often photographed spending quality time with her kids, out and about Los Angeles. I just found some pics of the model and fashionista at The Grove shopping center with sons Henry and Johan. Not only did they enjoy the gorgeous California weather, Heidi took the boys for a ride on The Groves trolley. The three smiled for the cameras and little Johan appears to be waving to the crowd in one snapshotvery cute.

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Cute Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Remember the days when every little thing your spouse did was adorable and romantic? Remember how you called all of your friends to gush about him and how cute he looked or how thoughtful he seemed? Flash forward to the present day, when youre more likely to focus on what he hasnt done for you lately. Sure, youre still calling your friends about him, but what youre saying now bears little resemblance to the early days. What once began as just the two of you is now a house, two cars, a dog, two kids, and countless bills to pay and chores to do. Its hard to keep everything running smoothly, but its relatively easy to lose sight of why you chose that person in the first place. Thats why anniversaries are so important. They are an annual reminder to slow down, enjoy each other, and celebrate everything youve done and where youre going.