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New Moms on Facebook: What’s Appropriate?

Facebook is supposed to be for reconnecting with old friends and communicating with current pals, but if you and your friends are nearing that age, youll likely have noticed that its being taken over by babies. If people are talking more about yesterdays baby shower than last nights frat party, youre reaching that critical point. Your turn is approaching. At some point, youll be expecting and want to shout it from the rafters. Take a second to collect your thoughts, though.

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Get Outdoors with Your Kids!

The following is guest post by Karen Trempe, Lifestyle Merchandise Manager, zulily The kids are out of school, the sun is shining and summertime is here. But if you’re like many parents, myself included, those blissful summer musings quickly turn to panic at the realization that all those hours have to be filled.