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Wellbeing in the Dawn of Social Media

A few days ago, while flying back to LA from New Delhi, I sat in the airport lounge at the Dubai airport. On the television in front of us, footage of protesters being shoved by authorities in Libya played. Just eight days before, while flying from LA to Delhi, the same television showed celebration in Tahrir Square as it was announced that Mubarak had stepped down as Prime Minister.

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The Importance of Family Dinners

This article is in partnership with Uncle Ben’s. Growing up we had dinner at 6:00pm every night. Mom cooked, and everyone ate what was on their plates. Fast forward a few decades and dinnertime has changed. Whether it’s because kids have more extracurricular activities, parents have competing work schedules, or easier access to take-out food…

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Four Ways To Promote A Happier and Healthier Life

What do huge organizations like Google, FedEx, Harvard University and the American Army have in common? They have all acknowledged the benefits of promoting happiness in their institutions and use Positive Psychology (the study of wellbeing) techniques to bring out the best in their communities. Advocates of this relatively new science explain that all of…

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Apple Pie Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I’ve been loving this breakfast lately, and making it almost every single day, so of course I had to share. Who can resist apple pie flavors for breakfast? The best part…  It’s ultra-healthy! Delicious, satisfying, and 100% plant-based, you can feel so good about starting your day with it. Chia seeds are considered one the…