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Tips on Exercising While Pregnant

Exercise is generally safe for pregnant women and might even make you feel better. Physical activity gives you more energy and might help relieve back pain and constipation that are common during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy should focus more on overall wellness than weight loss, which isn’t recommended while pregnant.

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How Do I Find a Family Doctor?

A family doctor is usually the first professional you consult when you need medical care. Family physicians and general practitioners are skilled at diagnosing a range of illnesses and can treat many of a patient’s medical conditions without the need for a specialist’s help. Your family doctor can be a valuable source of information when you have health-related questions. In fact, “family physicians provide the majority of care to the nation’s rural populations,” says Lori Heim, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Pap Smears While Pregnant

Pap smears are medical tests used to check the health of the cervix. While many women get pap smears as part of their regular wellness exams, your doctor may also perform this test as part of your pregnancy and prenatal workup. Bleeding during pregnancy may also indicate the need for a thorough investigation, including a pap smear.