6 mins read

7 Tips for Detoxing and Restoring Energy

I have two very high energy children and run two to three jobs at any given time.  Add housework, household finances, trying to exercise, and lack of sleep into the mix and my head is constantly spinning.   Do I constantly crave a balance to keep all the juggling balls in the air?  You better believe…

4 mins read

Fuel Up and Play (and Get a Chance to Hang with Quarterback Andrew Luck!)

If you were anything like me growing up, we’d go outside and play in the neighborhood until the street lights came on. Our moms didn’t set up playdates; we just went outside and all the kids were there – riding bikes, playing kickball, fishing in creeks. We used our imaginations to build forts, invent new games, and most of all, run around outside all day with our friends.

Today, times have changed. Kids have …

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Are You Addicted to Stress?

A little stress in your life is actually good for you. It wakes up your creativity, fuels your vitality and keeps your immune system vigilant. The qualifying word is little. When you find yourself rushing from activity to activity and no personal time for yourself, it’s not the external world that is landing on your doorstep; rather it’s your need to constantly open the door! Most likely you are addicted to stress the adrenalin rush. If life were calmer and filled with free time, you probably would not know what to do with yourself.