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Dog and Baby Gifting Suite Brings Out Star Moms and Dads

The celebumoms and dads came out for the The Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Gifting Suite at the Hyatt Century City in Los Angeles last weekend. Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Samantha Harris, Shar Jackson, Scott Baio, Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven), Drew Lachey (with his wife Lea), and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) were just some of the attendees. Tori dropped in with son Liam and husband Dean in tow.

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"Lipstick Jungle" Brings Modern Moms to Life

Ive been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Candace Bushnell-inspired TV show, Lipstick Jungle, which premieres tonight on NBC. Co-stars Brooke Shields, mom to Rowan, 5, and Grier, 2, and Kim Raver, mom to Luke, 5, and Leo, 4 months, have been photographed bonding over baby stories and lunch in between takes. They even bring their kids to work so they can play together.

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It’s One of Those “I Suck” Days…

Do you ever just have one of those I suck days? I do - a lot. Actually I have had an I suck week! Oh crap, that's right it's only Monday, it can only look up from here right? The dishes are piled up, the clothes are starting to smell funky, the babies need a…

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A Note of Comfort To One Struggling To Conceive

So, it is much easier to give advice on what NOT to say to people who are struggling to conceive (see previous blog, What Not To Say). The truth is, there isnt really a lot you can say to someone who is struggling with this difficult journey. Like with many hard things in life, there are no words to capture the sorrow, the pain, the loss and the heartache that this path brings. At any given moment, a caring supporters words can seem trite or meaningless, even with the best intentions.

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Secrets for Easing Labor Pain

Studies have, for a long time, shown that deep breathing, mental imagery, deep massage or acupressure, and the presence of a constant companion or coach during labor can ease labor pains, making the miracle of birth more, well, enjoyable.