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Western Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for Western baby girl names, look no further than the U.S. map for inspiration. With hundreds of Western baby names to choose from, you can narrow down the options to a few famous Western baby girl names coined after some famous and not-so-famous spots in the Old Wild West.

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Read All About Rango!

Rango is the coolest chameleon in the Wild West and star of Sterling Childrens Books brand new laugh-out-loud stories adapted from the star-studded animated family feature film. Rango rides to the rescue in four hilarious new books which feature captivating behind-the-scenes artwork used to create the movies groundbreaking animation:

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Over-the-Counter Medicine for Menopause

Hot flashes, vaginal atrophy, relaxation of the pelvic muscles and hair growth where you don’t want it and hair thinning where you do. If that litany doesn’t make you want to scream, it will surely have you running to your nearest pharmacy for some help. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are available for menopausal women. Just make sure you know what’s what.

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Backyard Barbeque Party Ideas

When planning outdoor entertainment, a backyard barbecue party often comes to mind, especially during warmer days. Taking the party outdoors will make the event an informal one, allowing the food to take center stage. For your next backyard barbecue party, take a little time and make the gathering more fun and entertaining.

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Birthday Party Ideas for a 12-Year-Old

Twelve-year-old birthday parties should be planned according to the maturity and personality of your child. Some tweens might want a huge pre-teen bash, while others might want a low-key party with a few close friends. Talk to your 12-year-old about what she’d like and invite her to plan the party with you, within a predetermined budget.