2 mins read

How to Set Up Email for a BlackBerry

Whether you’re scheduling playdates or department planning meetings, emailing with your BlackBerry makes it a little easier to balance motherhood and the rest of your life. Set up your regular email account to send and receive on your BlackBerry. You need an existing email account to add to your phone, so if you don’t have an email account, register for a free one at Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or another email provider before you start the setup process.

1 min read

How to Send Emails With a BlackBerry

Whether you’re a busy mom juggling play dates and your career or you’re just committed to staying in close contact with your social network, sending emails from your BlackBerry helps you stay in touch when you need to. To send an email from your BlackBerry, you need to have an existing email account enabled on your phone. If you haven’t set up your email yet, click “Email Settings” on the main menu and follow the directions to set up your email so you can start sending email on your BlackBerry.