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First Time Sex Problems

You may be a mom now, but you probably still remember the first time you had sex. For some people, the first time can be a wonderful experience and for others, it can be awkward or even painful. The more physically and emotionally prepared someone is for sex, the more likely it will be for the experience to be a good one, according to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. When your children are old enough, you might want to talk with them about possible problems that can happen when having sex for the first time.

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A List of All Contraceptives

For many men and women making love is part of a normal relationship. While intimacy can be a wonderful experience, the risk of an unplanned pregnancy can create stress and tension. The only absolute when it comes to pregnancy prevention is abstinence, but for couples who want to become intimate, several birth control options offer a significant amount of protection.

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Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Baby Number Two!

Former Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye and her husband, Jason Goldberg, welcomed another girl on Monday, People magazine reports. “Soleil had a wonderful experience, and both she and the baby are doing great,” her rep told the magazine. Soleil and Jason named their daughter Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, and she joins the couples 2-year-old daughter, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.