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Night Frights: 10 Ways to Help Kids With Nightmares

What do you do when your little one has scary dreams? There are two issues to examine when trying to help a child who’s suffering from nightmares: What to do during the nightmare, or just after the child awakens from one What to do in the child’s daily life, before and after sleeptime, to help keep the bad dreams away. Another way to say this is: there’s crisis management and then there’s crisis prevention. First, let’s talk about how to manage a child’s nightmare in the moment. 1. First, what NOT to do.

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In Remembrance of the 4th of July

Over the past week, Ive been reflecting on the Fourth of July. Ava seems to enjoy the celebration more and more with each passing year. This year, I tried to explain what all the hoopla was about… and subsequently realized that I need a refresher in American history. The holiday celebrates the birth of our country, I said.