20 Things I Hate
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20 Things I Hate

When puppies grow up and lose their smell.

Sibling rivalry.

Flaky people, fake people, rude people.

People that don’t understand public tantrums.


That school starts too early for the kids.

That my kids are growing up too fast.

When I burn my baked kale because I have a million distractions at home!

Bad manners.

That my son is too short to aim well in the toilet.

The price of hot designer stilettos.

The 4 paddle from the DWTS judges.

Traveling alone.

That my Dad passed away too soon to meet all my children.



Children that don’t realize their potential.

When Sponge Bob says “Stupid”.

When Rain insists on giving me a rainbow manicure.

When all the kids are showering & there’s no hot water!

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