A Mother’s Work is Never Good Enough
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A Mother’s Work is Never Good Enough

Mother’s Day came and went too fast… It’s my favorite day for many reasons. The obvious is first; being a mother is my greatest life achievement. But it’s also a day when being selfish is allowed and hearing thank you is to be expected. Every mother knows we don’t hear that often enough.

My day started with breakfast in bed, prepared by David and decorated with handmade gifts from my kids.

Even though my kids ate most of it, it was so sweet, and I actually drank my entire cup of coffee. My usual morning cup gets reheated about 3 times or lost in the morning shuffle of getting the kids off to school in time.

Then David prepared a gorgeous lunch for my mom, his mom, his sister, along with all our children and me. I didn’t lift a finger, and I truly felt like a queen for the entire day. Until…

I looked at the hand painted shoe vase that Rain made me at school. So pretty and pink with a potted pink flower. The card read “I love my Mommy because she plays tag with me.” 

I NEVER PLAY TAG!!! I wondered if it was wishful thinking, although she’s a bit young to be that manipulative. Or possibly she was just copying someone else’s mommy who has a LOT more energy than I do. Probably a STAY AT HOME Mom!

Then I read the other card Rain made me which began with my age. 90 years old! Honestly, my kids make me laugh, but 90, jeez! Next was my “favorite” food: Broccoli. I wish! Guess I have been making the kids eat too much of that. The rest of the card had a bunch of cute and understandable mistakes. I appreciated her point of view until I read the kicker…"She goes to meetings and to work.”

This month has been a tough one in my house. I’ve been super busy, with lots of trips. I know in my heart that my littlest ones are missing their mommy time. I’ve been feeling guilty, and trying to make the most of it, but reading and feeling her words pulled at my heartstrings. The worst part is that the next few weeks are tough too.

Uuugh, the work/life balance is getting to me this month.

Read this card, and if you’re a busy mom like me, I am sure you can relate.

I wondered why it didn’t say: "My mommy cooks for me and cuddles me and brushes my teeth and fixes my boo boos and loves me and hugs me, and rushes home to me and comforts me when I wake her up EVERY night…."

Then I told myself it’s because she’s 4, and I do all those things just because I am a mom.
On a lighter note, I loved all the other sweet mentions of what mommy is to my little Rain, but it’s the shortcomings that I beat myself up over. I know better, but humanly it hurts.

My 9-year-old made me beautiful card, full of all positive things, and I soaked up every moment of that we read it together. I know I can never make all of my kids happy at the same time, but I sure keep on trying.

A mother’s work is never done….

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