Western Baby Girl Names
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Western Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for Western baby girl names, look no further than the U.S. map for inspiration. With hundreds of Western baby names to choose from, you can narrow down the options to a few famous Western baby girl names coined after some famous and not-so-famous spots in the Old Wild West.


Cheyenne, the capital city of Wyoming, is a popular Western baby girl name, ranking at number 68 back in 1998 on the most popular list of baby girl names in the U.S., according to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Names. Cheyenne came from Dakota Sioux Indian “shaiyena,” from the root word “shaia” (to speak unintelligibly). Cheyenne also has its roots from the Indian word “Sahiyenan,” which may mean “relatives of the Cree.” Cheyenne also refers to the tribe of Algonquin Indians. The name Cheyenne has variations, which include Shaienne, Shai’enne, Cheyanne, Chyenne, Sheyenne, Sheyanne, and Shyanne. A famous person with this name is actress and singer Cheyenne Kimball.


According to Baby Names Pedia, Dakota (as in the states South and North Dakota) came from an American Indian tribal word that means “friend” or “ally.” Actress Dakota Fanning, born Dakota Hannah Fanning, bears this name. Two variations for Dakota exist: Dakotah and Dakoda.


If you name your baby girl Sierra, a Spanish word that means “jagged,” she’ll remind you of the Sierra mountains: Sierra Madre and Sierra Leone. Other variants of the name Sierra include Siara, Searra, Cieara, Ciarra, Seara, Sera, Sarra, Siria and Seeria. In 1998, the name Sierra ranked at number 38 according to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Names.


Sonora, a name of a city in California, the desert in Arizona and a state in northwestern Mexico, works well as a Western baby girl name. Girls with this name can use “Nora” as a nickname. According to Think Baby Names, several variants of Sonora exist, which include Cynara, Zinara, Sondra, Honora and Sonoma.


According to Think Baby Names, Savannah, a city and Georgia and a Spanish word, means “treeless plain.” This name has several variations, which include Savana, Savanah, Savanha, Savanna, Savannha, Savhanna, Savonna, Savonne, Sevanna, Vanna, Savina, Savine, Syvonne and Xavienna.

Other Western Baby Girl Names

Other common Western baby names for girls include names that end with “ly,” such as Molly, Dolly, Polly, Jilly and Sally, and names that end with “ie” such as Nellie, Jessie, Millie, Effie, Annie and Susie. Famed pioneer journalist Nellie Bly and sharpshooter Annie Oakley were proud pioneers who held the name. Other older Western baby girl names include Eunice, Henrietta and Bertha. Famous contemporary female actresses or country singers with western names include Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Sissy Spacek, Leann Rimes, Shania Twain and Reba McIntyre.

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