Proud Mommy, Proud Kid
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Proud Mommy, Proud Kid

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback on my last blog. Sometimes we need little life reminders. I am always happy to share my light bulbs and, of course, my struggles.

My 9-year-old blew me away on Saturday. She asked if she could make a lemonade stand in our neighborhood. I had to schlep my other 3 kids to b-day parties, dance class, etc, so I couldn’t give her the time she was hoping for (what else is new?).

During my chaos, she made fresh-squeezed lemonade and created a poster board with pricing and specials. She decided to sell home grown lemons as well, and asked my advice on pricing those better than the local market. She packed everything into a wagon: cups, change, a chair, etc. I organized an adult to supervise and make sure she was safe, and off she went- happy and determined. I checked in during my driving duties to see how it was going, and much to my surprise she had collected $50.00 dollars.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work at the age of 9! I was wondering what my very picky daughter could be working towards. She is my one child who never knows what to put on her x-mas list and asks for nothing even on her birthday. What would she possibly buy with her earnings? She is the complete opposite of her sister, who prints or emails present options to the entire family and is always on a mission to get me to take her to any store to buy ANYTHING!

When I returned home, I saw her plastic container of cash and a sign on it, which read: RAISING MONEY FOR CHILDREN IN NEED FOR SUMMER CAMP

I saw this just as I was about to ask her what she was wishing to buy with her cash.

My eyes welled up as any proud mother’s would. I hugged her, told her how generous she was and how much I admired her intention. We have been talking a lot about giving, charity and the importance of being generous.

I guess some things do sink in. I was very proud.

I told her I believe that when you give, it comes back to you many times over. She smiled sweetly, didn’t care about that, and organized her money to bring to school for the camp fund. Her father and I decided to match her earnings. She walked into school today with a confident smile on her face knowing that she made a difference. My daughter did something from the heart and felt pride in doing so. What more could a mother ask for?

Every once in awhile as mothers, we know we did something right.

Sometimes it takes a 9-year-old philanthropist and entrepreneur to remind us of that. 

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