Summer is On!
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Summer is On!

 I am in the middle of the end of the year craze, and summer could not come soon enough. I am writing cards, wrapping gifts, and arranging thoughtful thank you gifts for all the people who worked harder than I teaching my 4 children. On days when they get the best of me, I think of their teachers and the unconditional kindness and patience they dish out to 20 plus children that are not their own. I wish I had half their skills and tireless energy!

It’s so hard to shop for so many: 4 classes, teachers, staff, and the many whose efforts often go unnoticed.

So this year I am gifting a little R&R that I am sure they all need. Spa baskets, massages and candles. One of my favorite scents, and product lines is KAI. I put together a dream basket for all the ladies in my children’s lives and the men got a trip to the spa.



I sat in my 11-year-old daughter’s auditorium today watching her end of the year program. I was embarrassingly emotional. I could blame it on my hormones, but it was really about watching her grow up too fast and say goodbye to 5th grade forever. I selfishly hoped I could slow the hands of time down for a bit. She caught me wiping a tear, and for a change smiled at me instead of giving me her usual glare. I hope she remembers the times I support her and how good my intentions really are, even when she thinks I am the one ruining her tween life.

I have 4 hours of dance recitals this week, and one hip-hop show that Shaya is already refusing to do. I wish he had an ounce of the courage he busts out at home during my private break dance shows- I love those! The rest of the week will be filled with schlepping kids to end of the year parties, Rain’s graduation, and of course, a few sleepovers to kick off summer. I’m exhausted already, and it hasn’t even begun yet.

I do love summer though. It marks the end of another chapter in my children’s lives, and I welcome the new phase. I cannot wait to see my kids less scheduled, enjoying free time with no pressure. They need that, as do I. My kids and I have so much fun during the summer days. Remember the days as a child when time passed so slowly and we marked it by counting the days till school breaks and summer? Now we couldn’t slow it down if we tried. The older we get, the faster time flies. Enjoy these moments with your children. It’s a lot easier than wishing you had more of them when they’re gone.

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