2 mins read

Balancing Act

I’ve done a couple interviews recently about “mommyhood.” I thought some interesting things came up in the interviews. The most asked question was how do I balance it all? I have to be honest, I don’t really think it’s always about balancing, instead I think of it as trying keep it harmonious and keep things running smoothly.

3 mins read

Denise Richards: Molly's Story

I actually started to write a different blog but had to switch gears. Two weeks ago I took a sweet dog out of a shelter, she was going to be euthanized because nobody had adopted her. She looked as though she was quite neglected unfortunately in these economic times, dogs are being dropped off at the shelter daily. I would urge any of you needing to find a home for your pet to please try and find a rescue facility, or a no kill shelter if you aren’t able to place your pet with another family.

5 mins read

Exercise and Body Image

I took a break from my normal workout routines. A few years back, after Lola was born I invested in a Pilates machine and it was so convenient with two babies to workout at home. I loved it. Recently, I’m doing some work on my house and have stored that machine. I started taking Pilates classes, dance classes and bar method classes. I would alternate these classes to mix it up. The classes were actually really fun especially when my friends would go too.

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Denise Richards: Pup My Ride

Today I went to a shelter to help Best Friends Animal Society with Pup my Ride. Every other Monday Best Friends take many dogs out (usually 30) that are going to be euthanized. Legally a shelter only has a few days before that unfortunately happens. As an animal lover, it is so heartbreaking seeing so many dogs lose their lives much too early. Joanna Krupa (from Dancing with the Stars) helps a lot as well. We leave the house about 6:45 am (those days my dad gets the girls off to school) get to the shelter at 8:30am and start taking the dogs out, we walk them, give them treats and load them into a van. They go on a 6 hr drive to a beautiful sanctuary in Utah where they are hopefully adopted.