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Another Thought Of Mine During Christmas Time

Some things never seem to change at all. The early morning rumblings of the garbage truck parked directly outside of my bedroom window 5 days a week has never gone away after 4 years of living in my apartment. I guess for the sake of living in a clean environment it is a lesser of two evils that I can endure. On the other hand things that have not changed in my life are the family and friends close to me over the years, and perhaps the thing I am most happy about not changing is my child like mentality.

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Back To Basics, Creating An Original Christmas

It is kinda amazing to me at how fast the holiday season comes and goes, especially the older I get. Last week it was just another sunny day in Los Angeles and the next day it is a winter wonderland. It is as if Santa Clause flew over the city one night and barfed up everything Christmas, from the holiday cups at my favorite coffee establishment, to the street decorations and the shinning lights, to the huge Christmas tree at The Grove shopping complex, and Kenny G Christmas music being played over and over again on the radio. Let me make myself clear though, I am in no

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Modern Christmas Time Traditions: AKA Dr. Seuss’ Genius

Since graduating college and living on my own over the past few years one of my new favorite holiday traditions is to make myself comfortable in front of the television after a long day and watch 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family with hot chocolate in hand and close friends and family at my side! This is one holiday tradition I cannot wait to get started and quite literally requires little effort to enjoy.