3 mins read

Learn How to Forgive

Who or what do you need to forgive? I know forgiveness may seem like one of those intangible ideals thats just out of reach or a waste of time. But, its not. You can make the choice to forgive. And by making that decision, you can move forward on your path.

4 mins read

Learn to Let Go of Control

Have you ever had the experience of wanting something to work out sooooo much? You come up with an action plan, make a wish, keep praying, and visualize. Youd even do a rain dance if you had to. Yet, all the signs from Spirit are telling you to let go and stop putting your goals ahead of your relationships and the world around you.

5 mins read

How to Break Frustrating Relationship Patterns

Once upon a time there was an adorable little Goblin who wanted nothing more than to fall in love. Like a princess in a fairy tale, she longed for another Goblin to complete and save her. Shed had many relationships, all which seemed to follow the same dramatic story line. Shed meet eyes with another Goblin, theyd have that instant spark, and then theyd jump into a hot and heavy relationship.